Improvement In

Industrial Companies

We improve core business operations performance to reduce operational costs through people from frontline to middle management. We help you surmount barriers previously not thought possible, by implementing new methods, driven by advanced digital technology systems as turnkey solutions. Our professional services help you review and improve the performance of your business for continuous and sustainable improvement.

Important challenges that we address.

01. People performance

People underperforming in productivity, efficiency, compliance, and effectiveness.

06. Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement towards achieving excellence.

05. Reduce cost

Reduce the cost of Learning & Development of front line to middle management and improve L&D outcomes.

02. Waste reduction

Reduce or eliminate all forms of waste (inventory, overproduction, waiting, motion, transportation handling, processing, defect correction).

03. Improve results

Current methods are not delivering performance improvement results at the rate required.

04. Speed-up implementation

Implementation of remedial action for performance improvement is slow and lacking effectiveness.

Case Study

This abbreviated Case Study is about a distressed company in the Services Sector.

It serviced over 4500 sites nationwide, employed over 20 000 people, and was in the 1bn turnover bracket.

The company received cost estimates from large consulting companies, that was unaffordable. The cost estimates ranged around 8-digits and estimated a three-year turnaround time.

LeanFocus Consulting undertook the project with a bid of 6-digits (which included the provision of software and technology), and turnaround time of 1 year. 

The services company was turned around in less than 1 year and returned a 60% growth in EBITDA after its 1st year. It became the leader in their sector, winning awards as the most improved service provider for four successive years. The company was bought out by a large international conglomerate two and a half years later. 

The conclusion to this case study, is that the most significant contribution came from optimising performance in operations using first principals.

The management team at the time were not aware of the company’s true potential, it only become evident to them after applying a first principals’ approach, where many root causes of sub-standard performance were identified. The root causes were either circumvented or eliminated using the technology and methods referred to in this article. 

Let's meet.

Rob Dersley

Entrepreneur - Multiple Founder - director, and past Chairman of companies, CEO of LeanFocus Consulting (Pty Ltd) and CEO of Edutouch Technology driven Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Johannesburg Metropolitan Area.

Rob Dersley, also known as Monty, is a turnaround specialist and founder of grass root companies. His turnaround experience began when thrust into an MBO turnaround, after he and two colleagues concluded a Management Buyout (MBO) of a distressed manufacturing division, of a large international company. The successful turnaround of this MBO, enabled the company to acquire another three ailing companies, also successfully turned around. Their success culminated in a 26% stake acquisition by a division of Anglo American shortly before a main board JSE listing of the company 5 years after the MBO.

He attributes his successes to his unique creative and innovative ability to find different ways and new methods to get to the end goal faster. He believes in doing things differently and applies first principals to determine outcome probabilities. He says that “this philosophy and strategy is what gets you ahead of the bunch and prevents you from playing catchup”.

Rob believes that employees serve essential roles in optimising company resources, performance improvements, and to reduce the 8 wastes of Lean: all of these are essential components for sustainable turnaround success. Rob adopts a bottom-up approach that focuses on “optimizing people performance” of frontline staff, upstream supervisory and managerial staff. It is essential to get the engine room of the business performing optimally, as most of the cost draining problems stem from there”, he says.

The most challenging barriers companies face when attempting to achieve performance improvement or to turnaround, include finance, resources, skills, expertise and know how. Rob believed that there must be a better way, and so embarked upon R&D to develop software and technology solutions that circumvent the barriers.


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